Thursday, 23 March 2017

Journey into the past

Some Key Words:

Camunnian roses from Paspardo.

This symbol has been interpreted as a lucky charm dedicated to the warriors, probably used during the initiation rites.

Hunting scene from Capo di Ponte.

A dog with curly tail is attacking a deer. The deer hunt was part of the initiation trials, made by the Camunnian youth.

Copper Age menhir from Ossimo.

The solar anthropomorph was intended as a divinity, the most important of the 3rd millennium BC. The God was engraved with two other human figures (a male and a female) and by two copper axes.

Duel scene from Capo di Ponte.

During the initiation proof the young warriors were obliged to fight with companions. They used small shields and clubs or short swords.

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