Friday, 23 December 2016

School rules

The American School System

The ages for compulsory education in the US vary by state. It begins from ages five to eight and ends from ages fourteen to eighteen.
In most public and private schools, education is divided into three levels:  elementary school, middle school (sometimes called junior high school), and senior high school.
In almost all schools at these levels, children are divided by age groups into grades, ranging from kindergarten for the youngest children in elementary school, up to twelfth grade, the final year of high school.

Answer 3 questions about the text:

Freshman: a student in the first year of high school or college

This video is designed for freshmen entering the senior high school
Watch the interactive video and answer the questions

 Express obligation

school rules

Classroom language

Thursday, 22 December 2016

The photocopier


Language points:

Chose a situation and discuss about it:

I can’t find my wallet.
Burglars broke into my house.
I was fired from my job.
This food I’ve just cooked tastes terrible.
My wife / husband left me.
I didn’t pass the exam.
My business has gone bankrupt.
I didn’t get the job.

Difference between PREFER and WOULD RATHER

Exercises about HAD BETTER and WOULD RATHER

Board game: Advice needed

A song for Christmas