Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Revision: last topics

Personal (subject, object, possessive)
Reflexive and emphatic: myself, etc.
Impersonal: it, there
Demonstrative: this, that, these, those
Quantitative: one, something, everybody, etc.
Indefinite: some, any, something, one, etc.
Relative: who, which, that, whom, whose

a + countable nouns
the + countable/uncountable nouns

Adjectives basic
Colour, size, shape, quality, nationality
Predicative and attributive
Cardinal and ordinal numbers
Possessive: my, your, his, her, etc.
Demonstrative: this, that, these, those
Quantitative: some, any, many, much, a few, a lot of, all, other, every, etc.
Comparative and superlative forms (regular and irregular): (not), not...enough to,
Order of adjectives
Participles as adjectives
Compound adjectives

Regular and irregular forms
Manner: quickly, carefully, etc.
Frequency: often, never, twice a day, etc.
Definite time: now, last week, etc.
Indefinite time: already, just, yet, etc.
Degree: very, too, rather, etc.
Place: here, there, etc.
Direction: left, right, along, etc.
Sequence: first, next, etc.
Sentence adverbs: too, either, etc.
Pre-verbal, post-verbal and end-position adverbs
Comparative and superlative forms (regular and irregular)

Location: to, on, inside, next to, at (home), etc.
Time: at, on, in, during, etc.
Direction: to, into, out of, from, etc.
Instrument: by, with
Miscellaneous: like, as, due to, owing to, etc.
Prepositional phrases: at the beginning of, by means of, etc.
Prepositions preceding nouns and adjectives: by car, for sale, at last, etc.
Prepositions following (i) nouns and adjectives: advice on, afraid of, etc. (ii) verbs: laugh at, ask for, etc.

and, but, or, either ... or
when, while, until, before, after, as soon as
because, since, as, for
so that, (in order) to
so, so ... that, such ... that
if, unless
although, while, whereas

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