Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Worth trying!!

Do you know the LLP, the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Community? 
If you are a European teacher or student you probably answered: yes!
Do you want to undertake a professional development course, maybe a full immersion in the English language? 
Every year there are several deadline dates for sending your applications...
What I would like to suggest today is an In-service training for teachers: you could get a grant for taking part to a training course up to 6 weeks.
Why not taking a chance before the next deadline?

Here you can find all National Agencies

I know that for Italy the next deadline is on 17/09/13 (for training activities taking place from 1/1/2014 to 30/4/2014)
 /2013_moduli_llp/COM_GRU_IST_Applicants Guide_2013 _1_.pdf Guida 2013 alla compilazione delle Eforms.pdf 
/2013_moduli_llp/IST COM 2013 Istruzioni per la compilazione del budget.pdf Guida alla compilazione del budget Formazione in Servizio 2013.pdf 
If you are not Italian, don't worry: around that date there should be deadlines for the other countries as well.
I know that some of you have another question: where am I supposed to go and what course am I supposed to attend? 

Sometimes it happens that you get an invitation to a course, but if you are not so lucky you can look for offers in the Comenius Training database:

You can select a language course in English...
... and that's it! you will find a long list of possibilities!
Good luck!!

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