Saturday, 29 June 2013


Today I want to start with a gift for my first readers (a majority of women) :)

 Look at this photo:
who is this man?
where is he from?
what's his job?
can you describe him? what does he look like? what is he wearing?
if you don't know him, can you try and guess anything about his life?
Now click on the photo, read the article and find out who he is...

Would you like to meet someone like him? I would take the possibility into consideration ;).

I'm sorry, but instead of meeting him on this blog, you will listen to a teacher of English, who is introducing herself, and she is asking a lot of questions to you as well.

First listen to her (possibly, don't look at the script during your first listening) than listen and read, and finally try to answer all her questions

Click on this link.

You can write your answers and pretend to speak with the teacher you heard, stopping her while she is speaking.

Complete the following cloze: use the suggested words

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